Samstag, 28. Mai 2011



I had a pretty cool course at university, where we created a campaign for a fictive open competatove was about illiteracy in Austria and UNESCO wants t start a campaign to help peolple overcome their inhibitions and face the problem~ We did concepts fot TV-Spots, Radio-Spots, Guerilla- and Below-The-Line Advertisements...
We'll....our group won the class-voting ;)
I'll just post some pics of our TV-spot Concept :3
Story: Hänsel and Gretel got lost in the woods....they come to that little house in the forest. There's a huuuge Las-Vegas billig saying "Hexenhaus".....but they can't read an think it's a hotel, so they walk in.....
Our claim is : "Schreib deine Geschichte neu. Lern lesen." (Rewrite your story. Learn to read.)
And in the end the with teaches them how to read an write.. ^__^

And they lived happily ever after ;)

Stay tuned~!

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