Sonntag, 8. August 2010

Oh well..

Kinda interresting to observe..
As long as people have problems, they want you to listen to 'em, talk and give advises- even if they don't even think about doing what you said, but- oh well....So, as long as it is about themselves, you have to be there and you're- even if it's just you who believes that -kind of important.
When these problems become more grave, it's already a completely different situation. Because then they expect you to ask what's going on- even if you already know the answer, talk to them-even if they don't talk back at all etc..
And if you don't fulfill these expectations, you're a really baaaaad person/ get the point?

Or there's also the other side. When your needed, as long as there is something bad going on- any kind of problems. Or if both sides are on their own, they tend to hand out together all the time, so they wouldn't be that lonely any longer. But ooooooh dear, if one of them suddenly finds someone else to hang out with or maybe even gets involved in a "serious relationship"!
Well then you're going to wait to no end for a phone call, a visit or even an invitation to some tea and cookies or something.
It's not like you're not welcome anymore, no no, it's more like- "Ah! Nice you're here! Well, then you can listen to me." (As I said, as long as it's about themselves :P) -> But you're not that necessary anymore-because you're not the only one.

I won't say I'm any better than what I've described, but I think it's not bad to actually realize it~
And right now, the scenery around me is like a pseudo-psychological graphic novel that tries to show these things in a very disturbing kind of way...I mean....a very disturbing way o_O

Maybe it would somethimes be good, to not take everything so dramatically serious and personal, and most notably, don't take oneself too important :)
At least, that's what I'm trying to do right now, otherwise I would just be hanging out in my room, crying like a baby whose lolly got stolen and no one cares.

Well...let's hope the scene's gonna change soon...and I'm gonna get my lollipop back :P

See ya~