Donnerstag, 23. Juni 2011

New Project!

Hey guys~

I've been planning a new project for a while now and finally am about to start realizing it :) (It's gonna contain Body-Art, Photography, Painting, Artisan Crafts, etc etc...)

But I'm still looking for a good caption/title! And that's where I'll need your help :)! 

I made a poll where you can vote! (For now there are all german names, but I'm open to any suggestions ;) )

Thanx for your help!
Greetz, Clockwork

Mittwoch, 15. Juni 2011


Hey there ^_____^!

So the first part of the armor is finished and the very talented and lovely Miss Wintertagtraum took some photos this weekend!

Interested? Take a look at her deviantart-page or the facebook-fanpage

And yesterday this blog hit 2000 clicks :D! Yay~!
*virtual cookies for everyone*

Stay tuned~!

Greetz, clockwork

Sonntag, 5. Juni 2011

Leather- / Mercenary-armor

Yay :D! It's almost finished!

And as always, some steps :D

Drilling holes into the metal plates~

Then I sanded the surface.....and got silver fingers from the metal-dust xD

Added some colour with acrylics and sealed the plates with colourless varnish

Riveting straps :D

BIG THANX to my boys for helping with everything :)!!!!
Here you see the back-lacing and the holes for the plates~

The whole thing without plates~
Trying out how it looks  before riveting..

First time trying it on with the plates.....feels good ^___^

I did change the back a little bit later (sewed the upper part tighter)





Now I'm going to add some black lining and then...the main part will be finished^^!
I'm further planning to make "Beintaschen" (don't know the english word :P), bracers, a breast plate, a scabbard.....moaaarrr stuff.....

So stay tuned for more ;)

Samstag, 28. Mai 2011



I had a pretty cool course at university, where we created a campaign for a fictive open competatove was about illiteracy in Austria and UNESCO wants t start a campaign to help peolple overcome their inhibitions and face the problem~ We did concepts fot TV-Spots, Radio-Spots, Guerilla- and Below-The-Line Advertisements...
We'll....our group won the class-voting ;)
I'll just post some pics of our TV-spot Concept :3
Story: Hänsel and Gretel got lost in the woods....they come to that little house in the forest. There's a huuuge Las-Vegas billig saying "Hexenhaus".....but they can't read an think it's a hotel, so they walk in.....
Our claim is : "Schreib deine Geschichte neu. Lern lesen." (Rewrite your story. Learn to read.)
And in the end the with teaches them how to read an write.. ^__^

And they lived happily ever after ;)

Stay tuned~!

Freitag, 29. April 2011

Leather armor and LARP-stuff..

Yay, doing handicraft work for an upcoming Larp^^... we're gonna play a mercenary-group :)
 Sooo...what I'm gonna need? An armor! Did I find one which I liked and could afford?'s make one on my own (of course :P)

Some WIP pics:

Because fixing pins can't go through the leather I sinply used pegs :P

My cool self-made dress form :P

Andi trying the leather-armor on, so that I could attach the paper-pieces to it....yeah...we kind of have the same measurements xDD 

The paper-squares show where the metal-plates will be~

There'll also be a lacing in the middleof the back^^

cutting metal~

*smiiiiileeeee* xD

Next step is grinding the little metall plates (42 of them -.-") and staking them to the leather. So happy my boys help me with this ;)!

So stay tunedfor more^^

Mittwoch, 30. März 2011

WIP Part3

Finished the fox-mask today :)

the muzzle before I added whiskers~

finished mask^^
I will post some better soon as I make some better pics xDD

Montag, 21. März 2011

moaaarrrrr WIP...^^

It might seem that I'm lazy, but actually I do work on my projects from time to time :P ...

Sooo....more pics~

making the plaster-mother-mold~

The cast resin-mask fixed onto Daniel "face" :P

reinforcing the whole thing with some kind of tape and fabric.

Molding the teeth~

Time to fur! It's soooo fluffy xD

First time trying to airbrush the fur~ And I did not like the ripped the whole thing off...and did it again....^^° Haha.....Yeah...

Stay tuned for more^^