Montag, 1. November 2010

Wolfmask- Making of Part III

Aaaand the final part^^

After painting the fur and the inside of the mask and adding the elastic strings- the mask was finished :)

Me- trying the mask on ;)

Aaaaand the real owner^^ (wearing the mask at a Halloween-Party ;) )

Well, and that's it^^


Sonntag, 31. Oktober 2010

Wolfmask- Making of Part II

Hey folks^^

So here comes Part II from the "Making of":

Next step was to make the teeth^^ Those were molded out of fimo and then a resin-cast was made. (Same procedure as before- model-silicone-mold, plaster-mothermold, casting)

That's what the resin-cast looked like:

Upper jaw...

....and lower jaw^^

I had to grind them a little bit down and polish them, thereafter they were fixed to the inside of the muzzle.

Next step: Furring!

The faux fur was hot glued to the resin-mask. It was soooo fluffy :P

But I had to cut the fur, because it was not supposed to be a fuzzy-wolf ;)

As the last step I painted the musszle with acrylics and added elastic-strings- so you can easily wear it :)

Next time I'll upload pics of the completely finished mask- worn by it's new owner :)