Sonntag, 5. Juni 2011

Leather- / Mercenary-armor

Yay :D! It's almost finished!

And as always, some steps :D

Drilling holes into the metal plates~

Then I sanded the surface.....and got silver fingers from the metal-dust xD

Added some colour with acrylics and sealed the plates with colourless varnish

Riveting straps :D

BIG THANX to my boys for helping with everything :)!!!!
Here you see the back-lacing and the holes for the plates~

The whole thing without plates~
Trying out how it looks  before riveting..

First time trying it on with the plates.....feels good ^___^

I did change the back a little bit later (sewed the upper part tighter)





Now I'm going to add some black lining and then...the main part will be finished^^!
I'm further planning to make "Beintaschen" (don't know the english word :P), bracers, a breast plate, a scabbard.....moaaarrr stuff.....

So stay tuned for more ;)