Montag, 1. November 2010

Wolfmask- Making of Part III

Aaaand the final part^^

After painting the fur and the inside of the mask and adding the elastic strings- the mask was finished :)

Me- trying the mask on ;)

Aaaaand the real owner^^ (wearing the mask at a Halloween-Party ;) )

Well, and that's it^^


Sonntag, 31. Oktober 2010

Wolfmask- Making of Part II

Hey folks^^

So here comes Part II from the "Making of":

Next step was to make the teeth^^ Those were molded out of fimo and then a resin-cast was made. (Same procedure as before- model-silicone-mold, plaster-mothermold, casting)

That's what the resin-cast looked like:

Upper jaw...

....and lower jaw^^

I had to grind them a little bit down and polish them, thereafter they were fixed to the inside of the muzzle.

Next step: Furring!

The faux fur was hot glued to the resin-mask. It was soooo fluffy :P

But I had to cut the fur, because it was not supposed to be a fuzzy-wolf ;)

As the last step I painted the musszle with acrylics and added elastic-strings- so you can easily wear it :)

Next time I'll upload pics of the completely finished mask- worn by it's new owner :)

Donnerstag, 14. Oktober 2010

Wolfmask- Making of Part I

Hey there^^

Right now I'm working on a wolf mask for a friend- it's gonna be a furred, lightweight (resin) mask with a moving jaw, which covers half of the face, so you can still see the eyes and forehead- therefore face expression should be possible...if it works how I imagie it^^

And here some pics of the different stages of moldmaking and the casting itself^^

I made a mold of my friends face using plaster bandages and then casted her face with "Kermolin"and coated it with acrylic based varnish.

Then I molded the "wolf-muzzle" onto the "face" ^^

Next step: making the silicone mold! Liquid silicone was brushed onto the muzzle and a (two-part) mothermold was made of plasterbandages. When everything was cured completely, I seperated the parts an taddaaa- a nice silicone mold^^ Now everythings prepared for casting!

And thats what the resin-mask looks like right now:
(It's not fitted to my face, so it seems a little bit funny, but Manu already tried it on and it looks great ;) And it's super light!!)

Next step will be to add teeth and a "tongue"- in order that it will look like a real wolf muzzle when she "talks" and moves the jaw ;)
Then the fur will be added and painted...and then it should be finished^^
Stay tuned for Part II :)

See ya!

Dienstag, 21. September 2010

Behind the scenes~

Some pics from the last two body-art shoots^^

"Hello little birdy, what do ya say? Who's ma little sweety birdy?" xD

Harry and his doggy^^ Don't they look sweet xD? Well she would have looooved to lick off the paint from his face...seems it is kind of delicious for dogs^^ xD

So, till next time, see ya~

Donnerstag, 16. September 2010

Dryad- details and working scene ;)

Some pics from todays work :)
This time Volker was the victi...äh....volunteer^^

You can find the final results here:

Donnerstag, 9. September 2010


Hey there^^

Lately it got a lil bit colder here...and that's great :D! I love autumn and winter^^!

So here are steps from a little "just-for-fun"-picture I did for relaxiation^^

The finished piece can be found here :)


So long, see ya :)

Dienstag, 7. September 2010


And again some steps of the pic I'm working on right now^^

Nightsky- another one :)

The third one of the Nightsky series~
Also to see here: klick me!

I like ths one very much :)
Thanx to Manu again for being so patient and sitting still while I was painting on her ;)

Already thinking about new motives...I think I'm going to paint on a "male" canvas next time ;)

See ya!

Mittwoch, 25. August 2010

Last weeks


War ja ne Zeit lang nicht daheim, daher ein kurzer Erlebnisbericht^^

Die Woche "Heimaturlaub" war ganz nett, aber wenn ich gewusst hätte, dass meine Eltern am Wochenende runterfahrn, wäre ich am Freitag mit ihnen gefahrn, anstatt am Montag mit meinem Bruder..Aber naja, mir wird sowas ja nicht gesagt -.-"

An sich ja nicht so ne große Sache, aber am Donnerstag drauf gings ja dann gleich Richtung Wien zu den Tagen der Tapferkeit ^^° Und es mussten noch einige Dinge gebastelt un genäht werden~ Das Wichtigste ist zum Glück fertig geworden und hat dann auch nett was hergemacht :) Nur für meine "Leuchttattoos" muss ich mir noch was Besseres überlegen o.O (Die Klebestreifen wieder von der Haut zu kriegen war nicht sonderlich angenehm...)
Alles in Allem wars sehr lustig, unsre Truppe war die Coolste :P und ich hab ein paar liebe Leute wiedergetroffen^^ Der "After-life-burger" wurde kurzerhand zum Oldtimer verlegt, was auch okay war ;) war schön dann wieder nach Klagenfurt heimzufahrn.. :)

Ein paar Impressionen :)

Nun heißt es weiter an den Bildern für die Bewerbungsmappe arbeiten...und ein wenig mit den neuen Materialien die ich bekommen habe rumpantschen ;)
Und da meine bessere Hälfte gerade Urlaub in der Steiermark macht, sollte ich auch nicht in die Versuchung kommen mich ablenken zu lassen...*hust* naja zumindest theoretisch :P
Aber 2 Wochen sind shcon lang...*seufz*
Naja...muss ich mich eben ablenken, das wird schon :)

so long, see ya :)

Sonntag, 8. August 2010

Oh well..

Kinda interresting to observe..
As long as people have problems, they want you to listen to 'em, talk and give advises- even if they don't even think about doing what you said, but- oh well....So, as long as it is about themselves, you have to be there and you're- even if it's just you who believes that -kind of important.
When these problems become more grave, it's already a completely different situation. Because then they expect you to ask what's going on- even if you already know the answer, talk to them-even if they don't talk back at all etc..
And if you don't fulfill these expectations, you're a really baaaaad person/ get the point?

Or there's also the other side. When your needed, as long as there is something bad going on- any kind of problems. Or if both sides are on their own, they tend to hand out together all the time, so they wouldn't be that lonely any longer. But ooooooh dear, if one of them suddenly finds someone else to hang out with or maybe even gets involved in a "serious relationship"!
Well then you're going to wait to no end for a phone call, a visit or even an invitation to some tea and cookies or something.
It's not like you're not welcome anymore, no no, it's more like- "Ah! Nice you're here! Well, then you can listen to me." (As I said, as long as it's about themselves :P) -> But you're not that necessary anymore-because you're not the only one.

I won't say I'm any better than what I've described, but I think it's not bad to actually realize it~
And right now, the scenery around me is like a pseudo-psychological graphic novel that tries to show these things in a very disturbing kind of way...I mean....a very disturbing way o_O

Maybe it would somethimes be good, to not take everything so dramatically serious and personal, and most notably, don't take oneself too important :)
At least, that's what I'm trying to do right now, otherwise I would just be hanging out in my room, crying like a baby whose lolly got stolen and no one cares.

Well...let's hope the scene's gonna change soon...and I'm gonna get my lollipop back :P

See ya~

Freitag, 6. August 2010


Just drawing...Gefin- Goddess of Lust somehow came to my mind...^^

about 2-3 hours, Photoshop CS

See ya~

Dienstag, 3. August 2010

Spectaculum 2010


Am Wochenende war es wieder soweit, Spectaculum in Friesach! Dieses Jahr: Lagerleben :)
Natürlich waren wir mit unserer ganzen Blau-Schwarzen Truppe dort^^

Es war wirklich wieder sehr cool, wir haben viel gelacht, gesungen, gefochten...und sind wie im Jahr zuvor wieder zur Festung hinauf gestiegen~

Da freut man sich auf nächstes Jahr ^^!

Hab heute "Wie man Feinde gewinnt"- von Nicolas D. Satan fertig gelesen~ (Das erste Buch- "Das Tagebuch des Teufels" fand ich allerdings lustiger^^)
Und gleich ein neues Buch gekauft: "Der illustrierte Mann" von Ray Bradbury. Fahrenheit451 ist eins meiner Lieblingsbücher, daher bin ich gespannt wie dieses ist~

So, nun geh ich lesen^^

See ya~

Dienstag, 27. Juli 2010

Busy Clock~

Soooo...there we go! Some steps from the piece I'm working on right now :D Guess what it is xDD

The canvas is 90x70 cm big^^

See ya!