Freitag, 29. April 2011

Leather armor and LARP-stuff..

Yay, doing handicraft work for an upcoming Larp^^... we're gonna play a mercenary-group :)
 Sooo...what I'm gonna need? An armor! Did I find one which I liked and could afford?'s make one on my own (of course :P)

Some WIP pics:

Because fixing pins can't go through the leather I sinply used pegs :P

My cool self-made dress form :P

Andi trying the leather-armor on, so that I could attach the paper-pieces to it....yeah...we kind of have the same measurements xDD 

The paper-squares show where the metal-plates will be~

There'll also be a lacing in the middleof the back^^

cutting metal~

*smiiiiileeeee* xD

Next step is grinding the little metall plates (42 of them -.-") and staking them to the leather. So happy my boys help me with this ;)!

So stay tunedfor more^^

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