Freitag, 25. Februar 2011

New Mask Sneak-peek~

Hey there~

In order not to go totally nuts while doings loads of stuff for university...I continued working on the the new mask ;)

Some sneak-peeks for you:

Say hello to Daniel!

Rough sculpt~

First time trying "Brush-on 40" from Smooth-on for the mold~ Smells kinda nice and is easy to mix (1:1).
BUT: Needs 16h to cure, so righ now I don't know if it's gonna work like it should :P We'll see tomorrow~

Can you guess what it's gonna be ;)? (No wolf this time :P!)

Stay tuned for more~

Greetz, clockwork

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  1. Hello guys, Clockwork here! Sadly I can't access to this blog anymore, so I made a new one!

    ----> <---

    I hope you'll follow the new blog as well :)

    Greetz, Clockwork